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God is stirring this generation like never before! He is moving, calling, and drawing young people all over the world into deeper levels of worship, prayer, and commitment to him. With this great emergence of a generation comes a new opportunity to redefine church and local youth ministries as to reach out into their local cities and communities with the story of Gods grace and love. The canvas is clear for a mighty awakening and a revival of souls. However, a clear and concentrated purpose is needed so that we the church can act upon our passion and fervor.


Surge provides a moment for this purpose to be clear. Surge is a place where we lay down our issues, our past, our race, our ministry preferences and all other hindering factors to worship, pray, and be refueled and commissioned to take back our City, schools, and state for Jesus Christ.


Middle School / High School / College Students

Drop off: 6:15PM
Pickup: 8:30PM

Passionate Worship - Relevant Messages - Community

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