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Take the Time
July 2nd, 2020
Have you ever looked at something to eat and it looked so good?  I mean to the point you were anticipating devouring it.  Recently, I had cooked lunch, and I was so excited because I just knew the boy...  Read More
Do Your Best
June 23rd, 2020
Do Your Best We live in a world of mediocrity.  It just seems that people in general just do enough to get by.  Mediocrity and the status quo certainly bring no glory to God.  I Corinthians 10:31 says...  Read More
Keep Your Passion
June 15th, 2020
With all the distractions in the world today, Christians have to guard against the attacks of the enemy.  It just seems in our day and time the enemy is doing his best to wear down the saints and brin...  Read More
The Need for Examination
June 3rd, 2020
This week while I was getting my yearly physical exam, I was reminded of how important it is for not just making sure we have a regular physical exam but also a spiritual exam as well.  Paul says, “Ex...  Read More
A Time For Everything
May 28th, 2020
This Weeks Blog comes from my niece Sarah Mooneyham.  She is a high school graduate who is enrolling at Lee University in Cleveland, TN this Fall.   I hope that you enjoy an IN-SEASON WORD.Shalom, eve...  Read More
Tune In
May 21st, 2020
We need to tune in to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and move when He moves.  “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” (Gal. 5:22).There is one thing about God, He desires ...  Read More
The Powerful Name of Jesus
May 13th, 2020
Have you ever found yourself in a place that you felt as if you didn’t even know how to pray?  Maybe you’ve been so hurt, broken hearted, lost or confused that you didn’t even know where to start pray...  Read More
An Open Door
May 6th, 2020
Rev. 3:8 says, “I know your deeds.  Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name.”Lou Holtz, No...  Read More
Sowing Seed
April 29th, 2020
Throughout scripture God provides numerous principles that we all can use and live bydaily. When God establishes something, we don’t have to worry about it only working asmall percentage of the time. ...  Read More
April 22nd, 2020
Achieving success is a matter of priorities.  This principle holds true if you’re pursing personal success, success in marriage and raising children, financial success, or spiritual success.  Jesus st...  Read More
Grow Through It
March 13th, 2020
This is what has been going through my mind the last few weeks. Don’t just GO through it, but GROW through it! I personally feel like God is using this season to mold us and shape us into the image...  Read More