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What Story Are You Telling?

Our lives have held many uncertainties – some self-inflicted some completely blind side us.  It seems like this year alone has held enough of these to last the next couple of decades at least.

As I contemplate of all the trials, we have faced in the last six months as Christians – we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to share the faithfulness of God to others.  Sure, we’ve felt anxious, scared, attacked, abandoned and the list could go on and on – but we are called to be a testimony of God’s goodness to us, and that means in EVERYTHING.

My sister recently sent me a YouTube video of a song entitled “The Story I’ll Tell” and I’ve kept it on repeat for the last couple of weeks to be a constant reminder that how I perceive my “trials” is how others will be affected by them.

One part of the song goes like this:

And I’ll Testify
Of the Battles you’ve Won
How you were my Portion
When there wasn’t Enough
And I’ll Testify
Of the Seas that we Crossed
The Waters you Parted
The Waves that I Walked

My favorite part of the song is “you were MY portion, when there wasn’t enough”.  God has never left us lacking or wanting for more.  Everything he has to offer is readily available if we are willing to put forth the effort to receive it.  I don’t want to sit idly by and wait for the blessings of God all while wallowing in my bitterness, depression or anxiety.  I can easily miss my blessings if I’m not focused on The Lord and his goodness.  I want to focus on The Story I’ll be able to share at the end of my trial, the story of Gods’ faithfulness in everything!