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There are two types of people and most of the time they approach life in one or two ways.  Their cup is either half-empty or half-full.  Normally people will have that shortage mindset (I never have enough, I have limited resources) or they will have that surplus mindset (God is more than I’ll ever need).  I have been reminding people lately that if we will sit at the Lord’s table God will do exactly what David said in Psalms 23:5 “You fill my cup to overflowing.”  The ICB translation says, “You give me more Thani can hold.”  What is “MY CUP?”  It is my life.  "On the last day of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds: 'If you are thirsty, come to me and drink! Everyone who really believes in me will have rivers of living water flowing out of their lives." John 7:37-38 (NLT)

So I was thinking about that phrase “Half-full or Half-Empty.”  Where are we as Christians suppose to be?  The answer is probably NEITHER!  God desires for His people to live in OVERFLOW.  What does it mean to live an OVERFLOWING life?  It means: To be filled beyond capacity with an endless supply of God's goodness. "I am the holy God, who rescues you. For your own good, I teach you, and I lead you along the right path.  How I wish that you had obeyed my commands! Then your success and good fortune would have OVERFLOWED like a flooding river!"  Isaiah 48:17-18 (CEV). As I preached this past week “Living in Overflow,” I want to remind you of those three points.

Living in OVERFLOW means you must: ……
1.  Stay Connected
2.  Live By Faith
3.  Raise Your level of Expectation

Remember what Jesus says: "I've come that you may have real life, and enjoy it in abundance - to the fullest, until it overflows!" John 10:10 (Amp)

- Pastor Daylon Mooneyham