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How We Ought to Be

So many people in our day seems to be opinionated, self-centered, unkind, and just plain mean in dealing with others.  According to Eph. 4:32; Eph. 4:2; 1 Cor. 16:14, every child of God should strive to be kind as a lifestyle.

In a hour when people seem to be on the edge and find themselves emotionally distraught, we need a church of people like Barnabas who are full of encouragement.  (This is how we ought to be!)

Barnabas was a man who was full of encouragement.  In fact, he earned the right to be called “Son of Consolation.”  The word “consolation” comes from the same word that is translated “Comforter.”  It refers to one who comes alongside of another to offer help and encouragement.  Apparently, Barnabas had earned the reputation among the Disciples of Christ, as one who was a helper and encourager of others.  (This is How we ought to be!”)

There were a couple of ways that Barnabas was an encourager that is worthy of mentioning……….

  1.  Encouraged the Desperate  (Acts 9:26-27)
After Saul received salvation, he tried to unite himself with the other disciples who were in Jerusalem, but out of fear and prejudice about his past, they were afraid to allow him into their circle.  However, Barnabas came to Saul’s side and stood up for Him and told the others about this man’s amazing conversion.  He stood up for one who desperately needed a friend.  “Lord help us to reach out to those around us.”

2.  Encouraged the Discouraged   (Acts 15: 36-40)
What happened in this passage Paul, Barnabas and John Mark were together on a missionary journey.  For some reason, John Mark left them and returned to Jerusalem, Acts 13:13. Now, Paul and Barnabas are ready to go out again and Barnabas wants to take John Mark along to give him a second chance.  Paul disagrees and he and Barnabas part company, Acts 15:36-40.  Paul takes Silas and goes out with him, while Barnabas takes John Mark and we never hear from them in biblical writings again.
While Barnabas is never heard from again, his ministry to John Mark had far reaching consequences!  Because Barnabas gave this discouraged and defeated young man a second chance, his life as a servant of God was salvaged.
When we encourage, we further the work of The Lord.  For Barnabas,   he was able to accomplish so much for God and God’s people.  In Acts 4:36, he promoted the work of God.  In Acts 11, we find that he Praises the work of God.  In Acts 13, he participated in the work of God.  So much can be said about how Barnabas impacted the people as an encourager.  My prayer is that God would raise up some Barnabas’ in these last day to be encouragers because this is “How we ought to be!”

Daylon Mooneyham
Lead Pastor