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Importance of Small Groups

Get Plugged in 

As we are getting ready for our fall semester of small groups starting in August, let me begin by saying how excited we are to see what God is going to do through our various groups.  It is our desire that everyone gets plugged into a group this semester, regardless of where you are on your journey with The Lord.

There are many reasons why small group fellowship meetings have been an important part of Christian experience throughout the ages.  And this is why I want to encourage you to be plugged in!   Here are just a few reasons why small groups are essential.

  1.  Community 
The book of Acts gives us a great example of the importance of community.  The early church in Acts demonstrates the components of a biblical community.  We as believers engage in life together through teaching, fellowship and prayer.  We celebrate and mourn with each other.  We aren’t merely strangers, but we do life together, with Christ!

2.    Encouragement & Accountability
Small groups are an excellent way to get plugged in.  It is so easy to slip in and out of church when you aren’t involved.  We need each other to keep up accountability in our walk with The Lord.  EVERYONE NEEDS SOMEONE!  Our small groups grow friendships that encourage us to grow in The Lord and in turn we learn to encourage others in the same way.  We hold each other accountable, that’s what a church family is for.

3.   Discipleship
Small groups give us a wonderful opportunity to grow our faith.  In a smaller setting you are given more of an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others experiences in their journey.  Small groups are a great place to grow in knowledge of the Word.  Growing in The Lord is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our families, and we can’t disciple others on what we have no knowledge of ourselves. 

In Closing, remember small groups foster close relationships and community.  Small groups provide an ideal way to care for the needs of people within the church.  They also allow for participation in focused prayer for one another.  In addition, being involved in small groups help to cultivate leadership with in the church.   

Let us start now praying about the upcoming small group semester.  May this be the most fruitful semester we have had at Farmington Heights!  Let us grow in the word together and enjoy fellowship, friendships and socializing as extra benefits to joining small groups.

- Pastor Daylon